This is where world-class science meets state-of-the-art facilities. Creating the product innovation and development that drive our business. This is the business of Operations. Their vital work breaks down into three core areas:

  • Leaf – Tobacco is our business. Its quality and what we do with it is our reputation. We buy hundreds of thousands of tonnes of tobacco leaf a year. So, to say the work of our Leaf team is precious would be no exaggeration. They also work with thousands of small-scale farmers and process the blends that meet our consumers' needs.

  • Product - Our global experts develop quality products. How? By achieving the perfect balance between blending, cigarette design, process and technology. Working across global boundaries with our Leaf, Group Research & Development and Marketing teams. Analysing local consumer insights and translating them into ideas. All to ensure we continue to innovate and improve our products to meet consumers' needs.
  • Supply chain - With 45 factories serving over 200 markets, our supply chain jobs cover everything from planning and procurement to manufacturing and logistics. But our focus always remains the same. To deliver the highest quality products efficiently, safely and sustainably to meet consumers' needs and support business growth. It's a truly global process. And it offers you exceptionally exciting and challenging opportunities at our factories and supply chain centres around the world.

Bring us your drive, ambition and leadership potential and we'll give them the opportunities that will pave the way for an outstanding career. Wherever you join us, the sheer scale of our global operation offers opportunities other businesses simply can't match. Yes, there are big challenges. And we'll expect you to give your all to meet them. But if you perform well, the rewards are huge too. You'll have the freedom to define your own career journey and the scope to make it happen.

Title Location Date
Operation EHS Manager
Operation EHS Manager Malang, Indonesia 14-Aug-2018
Malang, Indonesia 14-Aug-2018
Distribution Planning Executive
Distribution Planning Executive Heredia, Costa Rica 14-Aug-2018
Heredia, Costa Rica 14-Aug-2018
Global Graduate - Operations
Global Graduate - Operations Dhaka, Bangladesh 13-Aug-2018
Dhaka, Bangladesh 13-Aug-2018
Supply Chain Manager - Next Generation Products
Supply Chain Manager - Next Generation Products Southampton, United Kingdom 13-Aug-2018
Southampton, United Kingdom 13-Aug-2018
Global Graduate Program - Operations
Global Graduate Program - Operations Prylucky, Ukraine 11-Aug-2018
Prylucky, Ukraine 11-Aug-2018
Global Graduate Operations
Global Graduate Operations Samsun, Turkey 10-Aug-2018
Samsun, Turkey 10-Aug-2018
Pasante Compra de Insumos
Pasante Compra de Insumos Pilar (Zona Norte), Argentina 09-Aug-2018
Pilar (Zona Norte), Argentina 09-Aug-2018
Tax Stamp Planning Executive
Tax Stamp Planning Executive Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 09-Aug-2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 09-Aug-2018
Warehouse & Logistics Manager
Warehouse & Logistics Manager Suva, Fiji 09-Aug-2018
Suva, Fiji 09-Aug-2018
Supply Planning Executive
Supply Planning Executive Southampton, United Kingdom 09-Aug-2018
Southampton, United Kingdom 09-Aug-2018