Job Title:  Administration Assistant

Job Number:  14999

Country: Viet Nam

Location: Gia Lai 

Function: Operations 

Level: Non-management 

Grade: NM 

Job Type: Permanent 

Contractual Legal Entity: BAT-Vinataba (JV) Ltd (VN15) 

Top of Form


Role Profile


Job Title

Leaf Supervisor

Job Holder


Reports To

Leaf growing manager or Leaf Executive

Leadership Passage




Sub Function



Growing Areas (Gia lai, dak lak, tay ninh, cao bang, lang son)


DeC, 2018


Purpose Statement

This is a clear and brief statement of why your job exists and what contribution it is expected to make. It should summarize the overall role of your job from the organization’s point of view. Use only a single sentence of no more than three or four lines.

-          Ensure all direct reports understand all relevant guidelines and policies that must be followed

-          To insure that farmers follow BATJV growing recommendations to maximise the benefit to the company and to the farmer.

-          Farmers must adhere to all BAT group guidelines in relation to child labour, use of agrochemicals, Environmental, Health and safety and Sustainable Tobacco Production (STP).

-          They are responsible for collating all the agricultural input needs of the farmer to the LGM well in advance to meet the timing needs of the crop.

-          Weekly reports to be submitted to the LGM on the progress and potential outcomes of the crop are expected to be informative and accurate



Use this section to identify in a quantitative way the significant areas on which your job has an impact. It may include pertinent statistics in 3 broad areas: Staff, Financial and Other. Dimensions should be:

(a)   Accurate definition of quantities

(b)   Annualized

(c)   Relevant to your job




Direct reports              


4-10 technicians of supplier

Number of farmers to be controlled


150 - 250 farmers/200 – 250 ha

Expected farmer visits per week        




Key Accountabilities

Your job’s key accountabilities should:

(d)   Be written in the format of the 2 Performance Dimensions for all roles

(e)   Identify outputs, areas for which job is "accountable", not process by which achieved.

(f)     Be written in VERB-OBJECT-END RESULT format.

(g)   Be under the job holder's control; fair measures of performance are indicated.

(h)    Be not too broad and vague, or too detailed.

(i)     Not be too many or too few (5-8)


i. Business

This accountability area puts an emphasis on results within an individual job/department/function business unit.  These include the job’s contribution to the business financial results; growing volume, share, profit, cash flow and other hard measures of success.


-       Deliver target quantity and quality whilst controlling costs of production.

ii. People

This accountability is about contributing to the talent, leadership and personal development agenda as well as organizational productivity.  Full performance in this area energizes you, your peers and direct reports.  This includes enabling people and units to perform their very best in line with the company’s strategy and vision, and also development a pipeline of potential successors.


-       Leadership

·         Become a respected partner whose advice is listened to and implemented in the field.

·         Be seen as a respected leader by direct reports and identify their development needs  


-       Management

·         Make sure all reports follow the business plans for the area.

·         Agrochemical usage

·         EH&S

·         STP

·         Child labour.

-       Relationships


·         Make BATJV the preferred partner for growing tobacco through solid relationships with the farmers. Commune leaders and district government

·         Make relationship with BAT JV partner at leaf growing area

-       Innovation

·         Record and monitor all data relevant to tobacco production and evaluate the season with the aims of improving farmer’s standard of living and gaining greater benefit to the company.


Contextual Information

These sections of the Role Profile are intended for specific comments which add significantly to the framework of your job as outlined in the Purpose and Key Accountability statements.


i. Context

The environmental context within which the job is placed (particular political, legal or social factors for example).

-       The job is solely focused on remote agricultural communities comprising of farmers with relatively low levels of education.  The location of the job dictates that the standard of living is considerably lower than that found in the provincial capitals and candidates must be able to cope with this for the duration of their employment. A confident individual with a sociable disposition is a must.

-       The controlling political structure needs to be understood and solid relationships need to be built at the commune level to gain ongoing commitment for BATJV growing programs.    Leadership to party’s staff must adhere to all agreement with BAT JV and remain a respected ambassador of the commitment at all times.


ii. Knowledge, Skills and Experience


iia. Functional Success Criteria

This section is applicable to Management roles only.

Please indicate the key functional success criteria, level and description required to perform well in the role.

Success Criterion







iib. Other Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Imagine you are recruiting to fill your job. What are the 'must have' work experience and expertise which are critical to carry out your job competently and effectively.

-          University Agriculture Graduate or other but have basis knowledge agronomy.

-          Good communication skills in Vietnamese.

-          Ability to manage direct reports and help in there development

-          Some level of English is must be communicate in medium levels.


iii. Key Success Factors

Highlight the key areas where success will significantly contribute to the overall achievement of your job this year.

-          Effective implementation of best practices

-          Manage trials for tobacco productivity improvement

-          Strong rapport with the partner, farmers, community leaders, local government public representatives.


iv. Working Relationship

Describe the most important internal/external relationships needed for your job to function effectively.


-          BATJV company employees


-          Be able to gain the trust of farmers, technicians of suppliers and local Government officials in order to be successful in the day to day activities and have potential to develop to positions of higher responsibility.





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