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Job Title:  Logistics & SSC Executive

Job Number:  26183

Country: Japan

Location: Tokyo 

Function: Operations 

Level: Experienced Professional 

Grade: G34 

Job Type: Permanent 

Contractual Legal Entity: BAT Japan Ltd (JP10) 






ウエアハウス オペレーション エグゼクティブ



サプライチェーン・ マネージャー









Key Achievement



Key Stakeholders:

社外・取引先 :関係省庁(財務省、税関)、卸業者、船会社、業務委託先ベンダー、

社内     :コーポレート部門、マーケティング部門、海外工場 など


Main Responsibilities

サプライチェーン部門内における、ロジスティクス全般並びに保管輸送関連業務 50

関係省庁、卸業者、インバウンド業務を担う業務委託ベンダーマネジメント 50


  1. 海外のBATグループの工場で製造された商品の入荷管理、及びTSネットワークの倉庫までの輸送全般(仕入、保管、販売、製品クレーム、返品、販売データ管理)に関わる事務業務
  2. 社内システム(SAP)を活用し、商品の輸入状況の把握及び、製造コードの管理、商品の在庫管理
  3. 海上保険付保、ならびに保険求償とその実績管理業務を業務委託先ベンダー担当に確認
  4. 国たばこ税/地方たばこ税支払、たばこ税延納および他担保管理業務
  5. 外部の関連業者及び社内の関係部署からのサプライチェーンに関連する要請、回答の管理
  6. 取引先である卸業者との円滑なコミュニケーションを行う。
  7. チーム内での情報の共有と他部門との円滑なコミュニケーションを行う。
  8. 月例会議参加:社内グローバル会議(AsPacリージョンおよびファイナンス、SP&I部門合同)への参加


Key Requirements>

  • 貿易実務(輸出入)経験5年以上、
  • 日本国内外流通における規則(ガイドライン)の知識、理解
  • 関係省庁を含む社内外、関連部門との円滑なコミュニケーション、交渉経験



  • 貿易実務検定(b級)、通関士、簿記(2級)取得者、または同等レベルの能力を有する方。
  • 語学力:日本語 ネイティブレベル 英語:目安TOEIC800点以上が望ましい
  • PCスキル:Windows Office 環境, 中級以上
  • システム:SAP使用経験のある方歓迎 







Warehouse Operation Executive  


Supply Chain Manager


NAA Operations/Supply Chain


Tokyo office




Key Achievement>

Warehouse operation executive control the inbound operation and storage

for all tobacco products, device and accessories. 

Also, he/she does drive the business process improvement and deliver the financial/account monthly closing on time in full to do co-work with venders.


Key Stakeholders:

Internal : Corporate functions, Marketing functions, Overseas factories.

External : Japan government (MoF, Customs) ,wholesaler, shipping company, insurance company, outsourced vender


Main Responsibility

■International trade, inbound operation, storage control  50

■Account management for Japan government , wholesaler, outsourced venders 50


  1. Import operation from BAT factories to Japan and carry in warehouse and
  2. Storage control, customs clearance, and dispatch for SSC 
  3. Account closing through SAP system and inventory control, sku code master control   
  4. Apply marine insurance and manage insurance claim to cover the damaged products if any.
  5. Control national tobacco tax, local tobacco tax and tax refund control through outsourced vender.
  6. Response to out of SC function request, queries  
  7. Proper communication to wholesale/customer
  8. Join the monthly business control meeting as a members of BAT Japan SC.


Key Requirements>

  • Over 5 years import/ export business experiment for SC.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Japan domestic regulations.
  • Negotiation and communication skill  



  • International trade business certificate class B,
  • Registered customs specialist,
  • The Official Business Skill Test in Bookkeeping 2nd Grade
  • Or equal level of capability 
  • Language: Native Japanese and fluent English 
  • SAP/ Windows IT skills



British American Tobacco is one of the world’s leading multinational companies, with brands sold in over 200 markets, made in 44 factories in 42 countries.

We are proud that we are consistently among the top 5 companies on the London Stock Exchange.

Our portfolio includes our world-famous Global Drive Brands – Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall and Rothmans – along with many other leading international brands, such as Vogue, Peter Stuyvesant and State Express 555.

Alongside our traditional tobacco business, we are also developing products that offer consumers potentially less risky alternatives to regular cigarettes. Our Next Generation Products are already leading the way in the Industry of vapour and tobacco heating devices. We continue to develop a solid portfolio of consumer solutions which already include well known global brands like Vype, glo and Voke.

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