LEX for short, this is where the Group's litigation, regulation, external engagement, communication, security and corporate governance is managed. This involves working with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. Including governments, NGOs, think tanks, scientists, competitors, the media and, of course, our own employees.

It's their effective engagement and communication that protects our brands, products, commercial interests and corporate reputation. This 500-strong global team is also responsible for keeping our people and our assets safe around the world. To secure our business now and in the future.

LEX people are courageous, collaborative, resilient and accountable. They manage and respond to a complex, fast-paced, ever-changing external environment. To do this effectively you have to be brave, engaging, dynamic and driven.

We operate in a controversial industry. In challenging markets. And on complex projects. We may be obliged to pursue legal challenges against a regulation that we feel is unreasonable. We need to engage with governments to get our messages across. And we lead the business's sustainability reporting efforts. These are big, exciting, rewarding jobs. People in LEX have a broad view of the business, and work together to shape, protect and secure the future of BAT. Whichever part of LEX you're in, there's a huge amount of pride and satisfaction at being part of a function that drives the business forward.

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Title Location Date
Security Manager
Security Manager TP Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam 13-Apr-2019
TP Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam 13-Apr-2019
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Regulatory Affairs Manager Tokyo, Japan 08-Apr-2019
Tokyo, Japan 08-Apr-2019
Support Counsel
Support Counsel Tashkent, Uzbekistan 15-Apr-2019
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 15-Apr-2019
Information Management Executive
Information Management Executive Sydney, Australia 25-Apr-2019
Sydney, Australia 25-Apr-2019
Gerente de Marca Corporativa e Reputação
Gerente de Marca Corporativa e Reputação Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 15-Apr-2019
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 15-Apr-2019
Ejecutivo de Prevención, Inteligencia y Seguridad Monterrey, Mexico 02-Apr-2019
Prevention and Intelligence Security Executive
Prevention and Intelligence Security Executive Monterrey, Mexico 02-Apr-2019
Monterrey, Mexico 02-Apr-2019
Legal and Compliance Internship
Legal and Compliance Internship Madrid, Spain 22-Apr-2019
Madrid, Spain 22-Apr-2019
Regulatory Engagement Manager
Regulatory Engagement Manager Kyiv, Ukraine 08-Apr-2019
Kyiv, Ukraine 08-Apr-2019
Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager
Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 23-Apr-2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 23-Apr-2019